Matcha tea may not be a medicine which can cure disease. But, this kind of green tea has a lot of benefits, especially for our healthy. When we consume match regularly, we will get some benefits which we can feel in our body.


The skin care is not only got from cosmetic but also from match tea. The high antioxidant of match tea as the content will be good for skin. It will help to take care of the skin. Besides that, it will be great in protecting the skin from blemishes. It is also able to prevent and repair UV sun damage. The regular consumption of match can help reduce scars, acnes, and redness on the skin.

Calming effects

Sometimes, we cannot calm by just breathing. We can drink matcha to get the calming effects. Besides that, drinking matcha tea can help to boost the energy. It happens because it has caffeine. Then, there is L-theanine which is a natural stress-relieving amino acid. It can help in relaxing.

Matcha tea

Enhances memory and concentration

L-theanine on the matcha is not only good for relaxing. It can help enhancing the product of dopamine and serotonin. It can improve the mood, enhance the memory and increase the concentration. It will help us to do our daily activity better. It is like we consume multivitamin. But, match tea is natural substance it will not have many side effect.

Weight management

Many people use the match for maintaining weight. The content of the matcha tea is able to boost the thermogenesis. Besides that, it can enhance the metabolism in the body. Then, the most important thing is that it can increase fat loss. For the weight loss program, it should be done with diet food and exercise too. Matcha tea will make us lose weight easier.

Matcha tea